Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Turning Points – Changing Tracks

In preparation for writing this post, I reflected on one of the themes Mr. Charlie Allen spoke about this week – the idea of turning points.  To me, turning points … Continue reading

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Not Without Hope

Sixteen Tons, written by Merle Travis and recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford, became one of America’s most popular songs in the mid-1950s.  People seemed to identify with this coal miners’ … Continue reading

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The Dance of Peace

The slow, graceful movements of traditional Thai dance are fascinating to me.  The fingers are curved backwards, sometimes with extremely long fingernails, and placed into precise formation to emphasize their … Continue reading

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Ode to a Child in Repose

I saw her in the Floating Market.  Nothing seemed to disturb her sweet sleep.  Neither the noisy and curious passersby, nor the high volume of the music her parents played … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Defenseless

…And then came man*  …alone and unarmed; naked and defenseless.  But only at first.  Later he evolved from cave-man to a “state of civilization” – one filled with privileges.  If … Continue reading

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All About Perceptions?

A classical statement on the importance of perception is that what we see depends on where we stand.  However, everyone who has visited an art museum in his or her … Continue reading

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A Ribbon Called Culture

When  I arrived in Bangkok, I did not really know what to expect.  All I could see as we drove from the Airport to the hostel in Chula were the … Continue reading

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Cultural Conflict Analysis, Class 15

As my classmates, (Rotary Peace Fellows, Class 15) walked out of the campus, I could see them looking at me wondering what was wrong with me.  I could feel the … Continue reading

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Colours, Words & Peace

The battle of power, politics and pride that we see Is but a mirror of the war between I and me… As I started pondering about this blog and formulating … Continue reading

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