Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

“You are the place of my standing when my feet are sore”

DSC02289bIn the beautiful words of an old Irish sentiment, “You are the place of my standing when my feet are sore”.

It’s been a week so far, not a month, not a year, not a life time but simply one week.  I have to keep reminding myself this when I think of all the wonderful people I have met so far since arriving at Chula on the 11th June 2014.  My 17 other classmates and teachers/support staff (some of which are above) who come from across the globe and around the corner, I feel as though we have all known each other for a considerably longer time.  With representatives from Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Australia, Canada, USA, Philippines, India, Cayman, Indonesia and Russia, we certainly have different religious backgrounds, different cultural beliefs (which became very evident in our exercise on Robin Hood), different food and eating habits, different languages and different family structures and relationships, different dress styles, hair styles and skin colours.  Despite these differences, there is amazing warmth between us, friendships are growing quickly, learning from each other is happening at every moment, being exposed to ideas that would never have crossed my mind had I been sitting at my desk at home are coming to the forefront.

By way of example, we were lucky enough to experience the food of Sudan when Enaam very kindly cooked up a feast for us of Aseecha and Molah tagalia.  (I hope I have not done you a disservice Enaam by pronouncing that wrongly!), furthermore, Enaam demonstrated how to wear her national dress.

Suffice to say, my brothers and sisters in peace, it is a true honour to be amongst you and I look forward to sharing 3 months learning more about you, your countries and your lives.

Danielle Coleman, Cayman Islands
Rotary Peace Fellow
June 2014 Session



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