Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Conflict, Conflict Everywhere

Conflict, conflict everywhere
Where is Peace?  Nowhere to be found
Water, water everywhere
Where is the thirst that cannot be quenched?
Food, food everywhere
But everyone is hungry and nothing to eat
Schools, books everywhere
But only a few can read and enjoy the books
Condominiums everywhere
But where does the poor sleep at night?
There are more bombs, guns, and armaments everywhere
They kill, maim, and destroy and some get rich too
We don’t need those;
The youth bulge is not a negative thing
Let’s stop HIV/AIDs, wars, conflict, and disaster from taking the youth away
We need peace, water, food, and jobs for the young
We need to create a space for young people to become agents for peace
We need to start planting the seeds of peace
We need water, food, shelter, books, and peace
We need them for daily nourishment
So that our young can grow strong and free
And our old can go back to nature, not worried about the young
There is no peace yet, but
It is possible in our generation
In our watch we will create the climate for peace…

Maiden (Med) Manzanal, Canada
Rotary Peace Fellow
January 2015 Session


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