Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Peace: Our Present, Our Future

The Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University continues to offer its best to bring us Rotary Peace Fellows to reflect better ways of making a happier society, a society that we can cherish now and more so the generations to come.

The future generation will have no kind words for the present generation if we cannot seek peaceful solution to problems affecting our society.  It is apparent that conflict will never be eliminated totally in a society but humankind should be looking for ways to minimize it.  The intricacy with conflict is that it mutates depending on variables at a particular time thriving on prevailing situations.  In conflict understanding, one needs to pay attention to small triggers in the society that are likely to spark off conflict.  Remembering that every harlot in the town was once a virgin, conflict has a beginning and if not nipped in the bud society will definitely have to pay dearly some time in future.  Though every other phenomenon is faced with different actors and different reactions, it may be not possible to have cut and dried answers to all peace challenges.

If peace as a curriculum is taught by all governments, institutions, and societies and at a lower elementary levels of education, we are likely to face fewer wars in the future.  If people seek for and cultivate peace in their souls individually and adhere to it the society will be filled with souls yearning for and preaching peace.  Peace when taken to be moral issue that goes with our other treasured elements like our ego the society will experience less cases of absence of peace.

Humanity and peace in search of better habitation of humankind cannot be handled in isolation when looking for peace.  Without environmental peace whatever society plans for its people cannot succeed, for people and environment are inseparable.  If people make peace with the environment, sociopolitical and economic tensions will be reduced.

During the French revolution in 1789 one French philosopher said we cannot sing peace, peace without peace below the diaphragm.  I disagree.  I therefore call all individuals to first seek individual self peace and this will translate to peace through all veins in the society.

John Korir, Kenya
Rotary Peace Fellow
January 2015 Session


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