Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Shaping Identities for Peace through Tourism in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an extraordinary country with an abundant heritage of cultural and natural treasures, as well as ethnic particularities and charms due to its geographical position and history … Continue reading

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Positive Peace Warriors*

Twenty-two Individuals arriving from 14 Homelands. Rotary Provides. Peace Fellowship. Bangkok, Thailand, 90 days. Excitement – Commitment – Curiosity. Internationals – Instruction -Diversity – Adventure. All People – All Present. … Continue reading

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What should we do on the next International Women’s Day?

“True peace is not merely the absence of war, it is presence of justice.” Jane Addams Today, a friend’s Facebook profile featured an image of a thirty-nine year old woman, … Continue reading

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My Journey to Peace Empowered by Women

One of my kind Rotarian friends, Fary Moini, looked at me and said, “Mahmood, you have seen the world through a small hole, and I want you to see the … Continue reading

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The Chula Peace Template

Today, 6th March 2015, marks the 58th anniversary of the independence of Ghana.  Ghana, being the first African country to have gained independence, is still like other African countries tottering … Continue reading

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Gandhian Thoughts & My Experiments on Peace & Conflict Resolution

The professional certificate course I am undergoing has given me new perspective to deal with law and order issues and serious conflicts prevailing in the society.  I have the indigenous … Continue reading

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Civil Movements’ Good Governance

What are the good governance qualities of Community Based Organizations (CBO) in my home Sri Lanka, or Civil Society Organizations (CSO) internationally, or People’s Movement (PM), here in Thailand?  Volunteerism … Continue reading

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