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Gandhian Thoughts & My Experiments on Peace & Conflict Resolution

The professional certificate course I am undergoing has given me new perspective to deal with law and order issues and serious conflicts prevailing in the society.  I have the indigenous influence of Gandhian philosophy on my mindset.  I am here a bit confused and perplexed about how to write up Gandhian views and my experiences to deal with the peace and conflict resolution theories I am leaning here at the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University.

However with every salute and cheer to our grand and mighty past we have to admit that our present is afflicting, sometimes its horrifying, sometimes frustrating.  The problems of linguism, casteism, communalism, regionalism, terrorism, extremism are hampering our human character and menaces of crime against women like female foeticide, brutal rapes, dowry deaths, domestic violence, sexual assaults, molestations, eve teasing or harassment, and gender discrimination at the workplace.  Our social and domestic fibre are weakening and shaking day by day creating sense of insecurity and fear psychosis.

I’ll seek the help of the philosophy of mahatma Gandhi to explain my stand on various issues.  Today’s  generation is mad to get Bapu but only printed on the currency note and they want to have the heaps of those to spend for all the things which Bapu discouraged all his life.

He had said, “there is enough in this world to fulfill every individual’s need, but nothing can fulfill a single individual’s greed.”  In ‘young India’ he has explained seven social sins of our age: “politics without principles, science without humanity, commerce without morality, religion without sacrifice, wealth without work, education without character, and most important pleasure without conscience.”

If we analyse the present situation in every field or walk of life today, we can befit these seven sins as the root causes behind the steep decline of values and moral turpitude.

When we got freedom, Bapu was worried about the role of the elites and so called educated class.  Really what we see is the greed of the haves endangering the needs of have nots.  ‘Charity begins at home.’  Can I be the part of the change for which Bapu aspired.  Bapu always visualised igniting our minds to make this world the place of one and all, all the cultures, religions, sects, languages, and regions.

Science without humanity and pleasure without conscience:
When I was SP Ahmednagar, Dr. APJ Abdul Qalam had come to Pravaranagar to celebrate his birthday with the physically challenged kids.  He had brought unique gift for them on this occasion.  When Dr. Qalam was working on the project of the Prithvi missile, he studied the material used for making the outer layer of the missile.  It was tough, strong, enduring as well as light in weight.  So the idea floated in his visionary mind that if a Jaipur foot is made out of that material, it would be comfortable as well as sturdy for giving the reality to the desire of kids to take leaps and jumps in true way.  May be this is the concept of science with humanity.

However in every walk of life, we see the contrary picture emerging vehemently and that gives rise to the demon of science without humanity.  The weapons of mass destruction, missiles, bombs, grenades, AK47s and what not.  I am witness to the raids on 3 rave parties.  We detained youngsters and took their blood and urine samples which brought the wrath of intellectuals and media upheaval.  The reports tested positive of 86%, 92%,96 % of the 280, 225 and 90 young boys and girls in Singarh, near Pune, 72 degrees Juhu and Oakwood Juhu parties respectively.  The inventions of party drugs and psychotropic substances like amphetamine, ketamine, flunitrapezem, cocaine, MDMA, Ecstasy, LSD, etc. are slowly killing and ruining the youth by giving temporary high and euphoria.  This RAVE (radical audio visual experience) prefers the music which worships the demons.  It is played on high repetitive beats.  If we see silently our youth walking in the trap of narco terrorists who are promoting the drug culture which worships demons and plays bhuteshwara music, what kind of future do we foresee for the new generation which is being confused due bombarding of lots of filth and dirt of new information revolution.

Commerce without morality:
Do you know annual turnover of the drug trade in South Asia?  The trade between the Golden Crescent and the Golden Triangle is more than $1,000b.  More than the turnover of iron and steel.  The Golden Crescent means Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran and the Golden Triangle means Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand, yet we are straightly affected.  Who are the beneficiaries, the mercenaries, the terrorists who fight for money?  Who are the targets of these narco terrorists?  The youngsters, who forget the whole world when injected by these deadly missiles of depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens.

Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience:
While discussing the next social sin, wealth without work, I’ll share my experiences to deal with 2 heinous crimes and the mentality behind them.

I got a call from the Lonawala police station that 6 dead bodies were lying in the market yard adjoining the police station.  The officer told me that prima facie it seems that the deaths are due to a brutal attack by unknown assailants.  I got panicked and rushed to the spot.  By putting in all our efforts we could detect the heinous crime and apprehend both the accused.  As these monsters wanted to create a sensation by doing some extraordinary act, they murdered brutally and mercilessly 6 poor labors who were sleeping after a long hard day of work.  The total stolen property was 350 Rs.

All 6 dead victims were Marathi speaking and the culprits were Hindi speaking.  They confessed to the crime and were having no remorse.  The locals gathered and a law and order problem started.  The regional and linguistic issue sparked and the locals brought morcha on the police station demanding action on the outsiders who were allegedly responsible for an increase in crime.

In the next week only, again I got a call in the morning reporting the dead body of a girl lying in the fields adjoining the under construction cricket stadium at Galunje Village.  The victim was a college going girl from UP and was studying in Ferguson College.  She was staying with her sister and was working in WIPRO BPO.  We succeeded in detecting this crime too, though there was no eye witness.  Here the culprits were Marathi.  And at 10PM approximately, the cab changed its route and the poor girl could not realise as she was talking with her parents on cell phone.  When she realised it was too late.  She was brutally raped by both the maniacs who strangulated her with her scarf and removed her gold chain.  Both her veins were cut and a gold ring was removed from her bleeding finger.  And still she was not dead so her her head was thrashed with a big stone.  We could successfully investigate the case and succeeded in getting a conviction.  Both these boys have been given capital punishment, which is confirmed by Hon HC in this month only.

Why I am analysing the monstrous cruelty of both the crimes because in earlier crime the victims were Marathis and perpetrators were north Indians and later crime the victim was north Indian and perpetrators were Marathis?  I could not understand the connection between crime and region, crime and language.  I had read one story which may substantiate this issue.  One famous painter wanted to draw the portrait of lord Krishna.  His friend advised him to select a sweet looking young boy and draw his picture.  He followed it, selected a 5 year old sweet boy and drew his picture.  The picture ditto looked like Lord Krisha which became very popular and the painter earned good money.  After 2 decades he decided to draw the picture of the monster, devil.  His friend advised him to search for a criminal in jail who had committed series of murders, rapes and other heinous crimes.  He selected such a horrible looking criminal with the permission of the jail authorities and started drawing his picture.  The criminal looked at him curiously and inquired what he was drawing looking at him.  So the painter replied that he is drawing the devil.  The criminal got shocked and started shedding tears so the painter inquired why he was crying.  And the reply the criminal gave was eye-opening.  He said he is the same boy whom the painter had selected for drawing the picture of Lord Krishna.  In last 2 decades gradually god in him died and the monster became stronger and stronger.  There is a continuous and terrible battle going on within us between two wolves.  One wolf represents fear, anger, envy sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.  The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. It’s the fight between the good and bad, god and devil, sin and boon.  And the battle is won by the one whom we feed and encourage.

Vishwas Nangre Patil, India
Rotary Peace Fellow
January 2015 Session


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    “In ‘young India’ he has explained seven social sins of our age: “politics without principles, science without humanity, commerce without morality, religion without sacrifice, wealth without work, education without character, and most important pleasure without conscience.”

    If we analyse the present situation in every field or walk of life today, we can befit these seven sins as the root causes behind the steep decline of values and moral turpitude.”

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