Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Positive Peace Warriors*

Twenty-two Individuals arriving from 14 Homelands.
Rotary Provides.
Peace Fellowship. Bangkok, Thailand, 90 days.
Excitement – Commitment – Curiosity.
Internationals – Instruction -Diversity – Adventure.
All People – All Present.

Create a Shared Reality
In the Context of Culture.
Promote Understanding;
the Practices & Politics of Peace.
Deconstruct Conflict Resolution.
Learn the Lexicon:
Negative Peace to Positive Peace.
Peace is a Process.
Requiring Patience, Courage.
Goal: Find Ways to End to Violence – Worldwide.
That’s All.

Sitting Shoulder to Shoulder — Afghani, American, Bosnian, Cameroonian, Canadian, Croatian, Dutch, Filipino, Indian, Kenyan, Palestinian, Indonesian, Sri Lankan…
Peace Professionals.
“My Dear Sisters & Brothers in Peace…”
Inclusion.  Family.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know:
Valued Instructors and fellow Fellows discover
Best Practices.
Talents & Contributions.
“Death” by Powerpoint.
Counteracted by Roleplays.
Comedy – Laughter!
Music – Dance
Speak to All Souls.
One Love – Regardless of Language.

Peace Journalism.
Transitional Justice.
Non-Violent Communication.
Restorative Justice.

Documentaries of Tragic Personal Loss and
Far-off “War-stricken Countries” in the News
Become Real.
Violence.  War.  Death.
India.  South Africa.  Rwanda.
Tales and Tears.
The Hard Stuff.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates practicing
Gandhi.  Mandela.  MLK.  Dalai Lama.
Peace Activists.
Power to the Peaceful.
Michael Franti.  Joan Baez.  John Lennon.
Music & Education – Convey Peace.
Violence Reduction.
The Good Stuff.

Individual Conflict Analysis.
Concrete Steps to Take Actions
Developed amidst concrete and steel structures scraping the sky.
Not merely: “Do No Harm”.
Do Maximum Good.

The Inevitability:
Never to be The Same again.
Together with Consideration,
Conscious Awareness.
Intention and
Authentic Connection.

The Gossamer Shroud of Apathy
Open to Possibilities –
and a New Reality.

Connecting Cultures = Creating Peace

Patty La Taille, USA
Rotary Peace Fellow
January 2015 Session

The dictionary defines the term “warrior” as:
1.    Someone who takes part in or is experienced in warfare
2.    Someone in conflict; somebody who takes part in a struggle or a conflict

Note that there is nothing in the definition about the use of violence.  A warrior is simply someone who is engaged in a struggle and is experienced in responding to conflict.  We believe that conflict itself is a neutral thing: it is how we respond to conflict that gives it a positive or negative outcome.  A nonviolent practitioner is one who is trained in responding to conflicts in a nonviolent way.  Therefore, a Positive Peace Warrior is one who is trained in nonviolent conflict reconciliation, and is engaged in a struggle to create positive peace.”


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