Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


I owe many thanks to the Rotary Club of Ashland for approving and processing my admission to Chulalongkorn Rotary Peace Centre to study peace and conflict resolution. In a special sense, I am also indebted to Carol, Pamela and others for their service to me which was above self.

As one who lives in the part of the world where fellowship opportunities are rare to obtain- because they are deemed to be the preserve of a few, I counted myself as one who was very lucky.

I left home on 3rd of June to stay a little in Nairobi while waiting for my flight which was due 5th of June. Everything went on well until I reached Suvannabhumi International Air port in Thailand. As luck was still on my part, I found my Host Counselors, Douglas Riach and Adrian Topham waiting for me. After a little more waiting, I was driven off to Chula a distance which was approximately 45 minutes away.

Frankly speaking, I am humbled by everything in Chula. Ranging from my Host Counselors, receiption by Rotary Centre Staff, accommodation, meals, stipend, campus tour and a visit to Buddha Temples, all were very amazing and educative.

We are through with briefings as well which included individual presentations of ICAs.My ICA’s focus is on strategies of forestalling Alshabaab tricks on the Western side of Kenya where my organization is based from. I will be working on it throughout the course.

Classes commenced officially today and hope to keep you continually updated. I am also very serious with my work as am fully aware that I am representing my region and the republic of Kenya. So I promise to bring honour to you, my sponsors and the community I am serving by using the strategies learnt effectively to unearth the tricks of Ashabaab and other bad groups of people.

Cleophas Okisai – Kenya

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21


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