Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

More Has To Be Cultivated For Sustained Peace

This professional development training is taking me deeper in peacebuilding and conflict transformation competences but also taking me higher in my profile as a trainer, researcher and consultant.  Now I shall be able to take on more international assignment in capacity building, mediation, consultancy and research.

It is unfortunate that many Rotary clubs in the world do not support this noble endeavor. This is stereotype, I have an example of Malawi, Blantyre and Limbe Rotary clubs I tried to book an appointment and ask for their support for my application to attend this program but support was not coming forth.  And I was running against the race of deadline, 31 May 2015. I had to ask Rotary International to come in. Rotary International found a Rotary district in Denmark to support me.  My case is not alone so I hear is the case with some fellows from Africa.  This was also echoed yesterday by the Retired International Rotary President during the Rotary Orientation for Rotary Peace Fellow Class 21 on 19 June 2016.  More has to be cultivated in order to make this training international indeed.  Rotary clubs have to be more oriented on publicizing this course.  This is more beneficial that the Master Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution that are offered in other universities which are also supported by Rotary to quote Bhichai Rattakul, the Past International Rotary President, and Raymond Hyma, Peace Fellow Class 21 who once attended the Master’s program but has already found this program beneficial as it is filling in the gap which he saw he had in his life despite having the Master’s Degree in peace and conflict resolution.

If we think of winning the war of peace building in the world, it is a must to support this if we are to cultivate peace in the world.  I am learning more from fellows and lecturers.  I feel by the end of this program I will have tools to cultivate peace in Malawi, Southern Africa Development Community Region, and Africa and beyond.

Having said this, concerning the professional development, I feel I need to comment also on Thailand experience, one thing I have strengthened is to smile as I am in the land of smile.  Wherever, I have been going I am met with faces with a smile.  It is nice to smile.  It is a good therapy to so many illnesses.  Peace Fellows put a smile across the program as we go a long this program for 3 months.

Master Mfune – Malawi

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21


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