Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Generosity and Gratitude

Another special day with more intriguing information and knowledge from the expert. There is so much to read and to learn. My horizon has opened up much wider. I used to be enclosed within the ‘medical model’ of psychology where we are concerned with individual miseries and pathologies. We strive to diagnose and treat them like a typical doctor. But this course has opened my eye to a much wider view of human miseries as resulted from our inhumanity to fellow human beings.

This evening is also a special evening. About eight of us got invited to a large gala dinner party by a local Rotary Club. It was extravagant with great food and wine, great music with opera singers. A few of them greeted us with great enthusiasm and friendliness. Our colleagues from Kenya received special attention due to their spectacularly beautiful national costumes. Many people took turns to take pictures with them.

It is heart-warming to see so many generous people gathering with the strong giving spirit. This is a proof that abundance does exist on this earth. The challenge for us is how to distribute resources to the right people. If we do our job effectively we should be able to reduce suffering in the world.

Sombat Tapanya – Thailand

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 1


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