Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Rainbow Hope

Like a river merges into the sea and sea into the ocean, knowledge flows infinity.  Learning is a never ending process, the only instrument of progress, and overall development of human being.  A deep reflect on the parietal danger of conflict all around the globe, my personal insight as who have seen violence from close quarter, strong resolve to do something for humanity, a mix of wisdom, combined with the persuasion of the district Rotary back home in Guwahati, and perhaps the destiny enforcing me to the “The campus of Chulalongkorn University”.

I took a bow to the universe as I am a believer of Daishonins Buddhism and have started chanting…

NAM_ MYOHO_RENGE_KYO….I dedicate myself to the mystic law of “cause and effect”.

Ahoy, I exclaimed in excitement and pleasure, there the tall jolly man named Andrew MacPerson, a bright towering personality from Scotland who is residing in Thailand quite long was waiting to receive me wearing a bright smile, as excited as a restless kid on my way from the airport to my hostel.   My eyes were constantly manoeuvring to grapple my first impression on the land that so very resemble to my country “India”, the feeling of familiarity was comforting.

It was almost 2 a.m. then.

It was 6th June in the morning, a flash of light overpowering me the moment I stepped into the huge campus of Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, which is serene, bright, and positive.  A chain of words of appreciations knocked into my mind with my introductory conversations with all the staff in our Center.  Entering my classroom on 8th Wednesday was like a flash of hopes and I immediately planned a name for my team RAINBOW TEAM (I am a slave to the habit of keeping name for extraordinary people or incidents).  USA, BRAZIL, SRI LANKA, TURKY, KENEYA, AFGANISTHAN, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, EGYPT, PALESTINE, ITALY, etc., 24 cream of individuals from across the world to breath under the umbrella of myriad hope, education, debate and healthy discussions.  Amazing…simply amazing.

Dr. Vitoon, Jenn, Michael Frayer, and Ms. Irene Santigo, a possession of wise dignitaries and peace worker as teachers are opening the door of enlightenment.   Michael introduced the idea to start the day with a piece of music and encouraged us to distress ourselves with free flow writing, and here I opened my first poem in the land of unity among diversities.

Whenever the sky falls into your lap

Keep a slice for those who matter to you

In solitary you pray, rejoice, dance in glee and embrace eternity

We all are myriad colours to infinity

Ask me not where do I go.


Akashitora Dutta – India

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21

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