Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

I would say Rotary Peace Fellowship is a Peace Connector

What an extraordinary experience I am getting from the Rotary Peace Fellowship! I have been delighted and so many words to offer my acknowledgment to all people who have provided this wonderful opportunity to me. Thank you very much for all.

Let me start in this way, in each night, when I come out to the balcony from my room at CU house, I see an airplane with different lightnings. Sometimes, I see more than five airplanes from different corners on the sky. Indeed, it is a remarkable sight to me with a lot of messages. It made me think of different aspects related to our human life. For me, airplane is a connector which carry people from one country to another with a lot of happiness and fears. So, then what about peace! It also makes connection in bringing and exchanging people all over the world. We need peace to make people happy and to create a coexistence society, but at the same time people become unhappy and horror without peace. So, I would see a relationship between peace and airplane. It emphasizes that peace is also a strong connector which brings human families under one umbrella. I can tell in this line, Rotary Peace Fellowship is a peace connector which brought 24 fellows from 17 countries to the so called Smiling Kingdom to work on peace and conflict studies.

In my country, we had unaccepted conflict and now we are heading for positive peace instead of negative peace. I share my peace and conflict experiences, being a citizen of the hospitality island with the Rotary Peace Fellows who are now in Smiling Kingdom. I am desperately disappointed because I see violence is increased day by day and at the same time peace is decreased day by day due to various circumstances. Why is this? Why do we invite unlike things to our lives? Why do we reject peace and harmony for a better world? I think we are in a wrong track. Dear brothers and sisters in peace, I think we are not too late, we still have a time to reinforce peace and bring joy to the people according to our capacities. I think Rotary Peace Fellowship would be a potential peace connector to bring peace instead of conflicts, so why not starting from this Smiling Kingdom. I am ready for that and I would like to provide all my strengths which I earned throughout my life.

I trust that being humans we have different styles and nature which seem to serve as vehicle to fight for peace, injustice and change the world in a nonviolent way.

Peace be upon you!!!

Niroshana Chaminda – Sri Lanka

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21


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