Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Is It A Dream Or Is It A Reality : My reaction to the Rotary Chula Experience

Thailand, the dream I never thought about which finally came true. It’s a gift from god, I never expected the beauty of Thailand.  Riding by a Tuk Tuk was just fantastic!!

From the moment I’ve arrived here I realized the effort that had been made by the crew and the great preparations. All worked like harmonious symphony in connection and performance which shows the experience in working, distribution of the roles, and the team work from the kindest people I ever met.

I’ll never forget the excited expedition to the most important temples not only in the region but in the whole world.

I’ll never forget my colleagues, each one of them is unique in ideas and orientations. Each one of them has his/her own perception that enriches the course with different cultural and religious relations.  It’s like you are surrounded with full encyclopedia!!

In life, people read many books and essays from different writers and researchers.  In my case I had the opportunity to meet them which like a dream comes true. I had the chance to meet Michel and Irene, one of the special researchers about conflict management I ever meet.

Most important thing is I am learning the conflict analysis tools which I can apply in my area. This is a place where I am sharing my experience to the international bodies who are from 17 countries. I am also learning form them about conflicts and peace.

I want to thank to the persons who supported me to be here, especially the Rotary International and the management of Chulalongkorn University. I would also like to encourage my friends who are from Palestine to participate in such unique course which can be an asset for me to start working together for building peace in my state in Palestine.

Rania Skafi – Palestine

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21


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