Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


I have travelled for thousands of kilometers far away from my motherland to acquire knowledge, skills and experience on how to manage and resolve conflicts within our families, societies, countries and the globe.

I feel privileged and honored that in the midst of the thousands of Peace Fellows in the world; I am among them, being in the forefront in cultivation of peace in the society.

Since my childhood, I have dreamt of a society of peace and tranquility. I remember one time during my childhood telling my friend and I quote, “War is destructive and no need of participating in war”

Yes, I long for a world where the sounds of sirens, crying children, wailing mothers and despaired men are never heard again due to the escalating wars on the face of this globe.

Wars have been fought around the globe, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and now Syria but has never added value to human kind, but only destruction and deaths. What a sorrowful world.

I long for a world where the sounds of bullets, bombs, missiles mortars and all sorts of weaponry go silent and never to be heard again.

Moreover, that the smile of human kind will be felt and nations will come together again not because of mediation but because of exchange of diplomatic matters on trade, exchange of technological development, exchange of economic ideas and trade blocks and tackle the global warming agenda that threatens humankind.

May peace manifest in our midst as Peace Fellows, that after 3months course at Chulalongkorn University, we will make a difference in our global diversity.

Jimmy Hendrix, an American songwriter said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace.”

I strongly believe that when water cuts a rock in a flowing river, it is not because of its power but because of its consistency. This is the consistence, resilience and hope of the peace-builders around the world.

Therefore, in every endeavor and challenges we may face in peace and conflicts resolutions we need to be consistent and have hope and never give up but push on. Thereafter, we will give the world a new face of a SMILE.

My fellow Peace Fellows, I feel your presence, your company, the love and the acceptance in your hearts, we are one family of a diverse world. Let our presence in every corner of this planet be felt positively.

Richard Chepsergon – Kenya

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21


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