Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


I am an Indian residing in Assam, working as Assistant Police Commissioner in Guwahati. When I have just completed my police training, violence took place in BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area District) IN THE YEAR 2012, between the ethnic Bodos and the Bengali speaking minority Muslims who have a long history of migration from Bangladesh (earstwhile East Pakistan) since British days. The people from all sections felt insecure and a constant tension like situation prevailed in the area. In the flasher that we wear in our uniform, it is written “janahit janasewarthe” (for public interest for public service). I had to work 24*7 in the area. In many circumstances I became successful in maintaining peace, but sometimes it happened to be depressing and I really did not have answers as to what to do. During that time, I got to know about the Rotary Peace Fellowship at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. I at once decided to apply and after being selected, now I am a Peace Fellow, Class 21.

Rotary International is really doing a great job by funding Peace Fellows interested in peace building and thereby trying to create peace in the world. The course itself gives a wide platform to Peace Fellows to meet other Fellows from various countries, who bring in with them diverse culture and rich ideas thereby helping in creating bridge and a strong networking.  Course director Dr. Vitoon Viriyasakultorn, sincere staff Cartoon, Oy, Krittika are planning and designing everything to us with utmost care for our maximum benefit in the field of earning knowledge. My host councilor Chuntanee Tienvichit (Mui), a wonderful, energetic and lively lady is taking care of me for everything to make me feel home in Bangkok. The selection of speakers for taking classes is also wonderful. I hope I will be a completely different me back home and will try to give the maximum to the public of whatever I have learnt.

The technological advancement and infrastructural development in Bangkok is tremendous. The people are polite and peace loving. It is very rare that the vehicles on the road honk horns or violet the order on the road. The cleanliness, love for their own language and culture, hospitality to guests is praiseworthy. At the time of going back home, I must say, I am in love with Thailand, the land of smiles.


Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 21


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