Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

My Peace Vision

In November 2016, I was sitting in my office, at the second floor of the landmark Anthony Saru Building in capital Honiara, Solomon Islands, listening to a group of Solomon … Continue reading

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Moonlight, emotions and peacebuilding in Bangkok

In the gardens of Bangkok’s Golden Mount Temple one recent evening, under the light of the full moon, I was speaking with Venerable Napan Santibhaddo Thawornbanjob. Venerable Napan is a … Continue reading

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The Seed of Peace

“I didn’t want to die without understanding why I’ve lived here. I had to find the “seed of peace” within myself, that I would have cultivated everywhere” (Tiziano Terzani, “The … Continue reading

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(Wo)men without Limit

When I got news that I had been awarded the scholarship to participate in the Rotary Peace Program, the first person I called was my mother. I like to think … Continue reading

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Peace Fellow Pad Thai

I deal with stories – it’s been my bread and butter for well over a decade but coming to Bangkok to take part in this course, I’ve come to realise … Continue reading

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We should all be Feminists!

Writing this blog entry in the midst of the International Women’s Day celebrations, I am very happy to see that all over Bangkok there are numerous events celebrating women, not … Continue reading

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Sabai, Sabai and Keep Learning and Imagining

The Rotary Peace journey through the past few weeks has been leaving strong traces in my process of learning and understanding of the fields of peace studies and conflict resolution. … Continue reading

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The police are the public and the public are the police

I recall very early in my police recruit training being introduced to the policing principles of Sir Robert Peel. As a new police recruit I didn’t have the context to … Continue reading

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