Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Sabai, Sabai and Keep Learning and Imagining

The Rotary Peace journey through the past few weeks has been leaving strong traces in my process of learning and understanding of the fields of peace studies and conflict resolution.

As time keeps passing, the more I realize how these fields are indeed vague, wide, complex, and how they often have almost utopian exterior. However, if one observes all these appearances through different lenses it can be seen that all of them are in fact affirmative and constructive.

The elusiveness of the peace and conflict resolution arena gives us space to think, to innovate, to design and to create new horizons.

The sophistication of the arena provides us with an insight into the diversity and richness of various disciplines meeting and interweaving in one place.

Overarching complexity of these concepts and notions in fact demonstrate the curiosity of various different fields desiring to be involved in the field of peace studies and conflict resolution.

So, the imaginative exterior of these fields represents the most beautiful side of the profession – it gives us the freedom to go beyond the boundaries of theory, it gives us the opportunity to think and seek innovations, solutions, modalities. This is the most important determinant for all of us working in these sophisticated fields – imagination and creative freedom of practitioners.

Moreover, if I go further and add to these observations the fact that our group has 24 members and 17 different nationalities, it is quite clear that the importance and the wealth of this program is inviolable.

So? What do I take home from Bangkok? Which baton of ideas I bring back to Bosnia and Herzegovina? I am taking new enthusiasm, I am surely carrying ideas and renewed passion, I am captivating and bringing back newly acquired and reacquired knowledge and theories. I am also espousing new-fangled points of view of my co-fellows and colleagues and broad diapason of expertise of the teaching staff. Lastly, I am taking back a smile of Thais, which is without any doubt powerful tool for the creation of peace and harmony.

Sabai, Sabai and keep learning and imagining.


Maja Pecanac – Bosnia

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 22


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