Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Make the World A Better Place

My 5 year old daughter came across this sentence of hope, last year during a Michael Jackson’ s Show while we were on holidays. The show had  this little girl … Continue reading

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The changing climate of international security

Climate change presents a serious threat to international peace and security. At first glance, it may seem like a step too far to link climate change and conflict. After all, … Continue reading

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“Eid Mubarak” from Bangkok!

As an American of no particular faith, it nonetheless feels perfectly normal to share this cultural greeting with the utmost sincerity in June 2017. Despite our differences, and the challenges … Continue reading

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A Rotary Peace Fellow in Chula, Bangkok: My first 10 days

Traveling to a new country has its uncertainties in terms of what to expect and the acclimation. Braced for this and being told the weather would be warm and humid … Continue reading

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ROTARY PEACE INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY, BANGKOK, THAILAND CLASS 23 JUNE – SEPTEMBER, 2017 On this day (20 June), annually, the world acknowledges the trauma and hardship faced by refugees, … Continue reading

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Opening Eyes and Minds in Thailand

I have the honor of writing the first blog entry for our Class 23 cohort – but as I write that I realize we will want to come up with … Continue reading

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