Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Blessings to the Mekong River

The sun rises on a hazy day. The red disk is projected onto the river, the colors appear gradually and with a great sense of peace. This image from the … Continue reading

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For a Culture of Peace: thoughts and challenges

Peace is created, peace is built! And it is this conviction that stimulates me to inspire and create, in each one of you, peaceful attitudes through a personal process of reflection, … Continue reading

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An Afghan Story by the Mekong

Wali gazes meditatively at the Mekong stretching before our eyes. “In the last week of January alone, fours attacks were perpetrated in Afghanistan. Three in Kabul, and one in my … Continue reading

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Rotary Peace Fellowship as a Tool for Self-Liberation

If I could make the world a more peaceful place than I met it, what ways would be the most effective to make the necessary changes? Whose help would I … Continue reading

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Role of Information Technology for Peace Building

Role of information and communication (ICT) in peace building process is the Mantra for today.  UNESCO and UN are majorly discussing this aspect of Technology for peace building, lot of … Continue reading

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Peace in Mind for World Peace and Harmony

                      Many experts have worked on peace and conflict issues and many theories have been proposed as how peace could … Continue reading

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The Caravan of Wishes : From Jalalabad to Bangkok

                      “O’ the fundamentalists of religions, Stop the bloodsheds of the innocent human beings; The biggest religion is the humanity, … Continue reading

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The Way to Peace, “Tubta Nabadda”

            “Tubta Nabadda,” these words mean “the way to peace” in Somali. Tubta Nabadda is my personal mantra, it is the path that I have … Continue reading

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