Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Unlocking the potential of peace

This rotary peace fellowship instilled in me the desire to be part of peace making community around the world. It challenged my understanding of peace and conflict resolution. Just in the initial few weeks, I realized the quantum of conflicts going on in the world and the importance of people who can become agents of peace.  I was not aware about the depth of this field till I jumped into it. Being naïve in the field, having no formal background in peace and conflict resolution, it is an exciting journey of learning new things. This program will definitely unlock my potential to be a peace catalyst. I am glad that I got an opportunity to be at the Rotary Peace Center. Now I am ready to dive deep with the thrust of learning new concepts and conflict resolution tools.

I came to know about this program through a post shared by my professor on her LinkedIn account. I went through the program and recalled the work where I engaged in conflict resolution in the community where I got opportunity to serve. I found conflict resolution is natural to me. So I decided to apply and be part of Rotary peace community.

My purpose of joining this program is to learn the conflict resolution techniques particularly with the reference to social conflicts which my country (Pakistan) is facing currently. A police officer, in third world countries, enjoys immense influence in the community. Police have to work with the community at deeper level and have countless opportunities to resolve social conflicts in the community.  I have been doing this work, but after being a rotary fellow, I realized I could have done more in making community, a peaceful living place. I have resolved to be an agent of peace and this fellowship will equip me with necessary knowledge and practical tools for making this world a peaceful place for everyone.

Faisal Mukhtar – Pakistan

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 26

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