Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Peace and Security _ Increase Inspiration

“ Peace is costly but it is worth the expense “  ( Time and Resources ) _ African Proverb.

The world today is facing with global warming, fragile peace, and a trigger to insecurity that  can cost a lot of effort, ideas, and resources to repair the damages.  Whereas democracy simply calls for respect for fundamental human rights, access to justice and respect for the rule of law, but some states fail to follow suite that requires actors from the world body.   One year of processing and making a choice of attending International Volunteer Leadership Program ( IVLP ), a U.S. State Department training program and the Rotary Peace Fellowship program held at chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. I made a choice of coming to Bangkok for the Peace Fellowship.  I had to put in all of my energy and passion in learning in a group of 22 distinguished individuals from around the continents with diverse backgrounds and enlightening knowledge for a collaborative and shared experience in peace that builds my passion and desire to do more problem solving at community based level especially working with youth, women, and community leaders.

Nine weeks of inspiration from courses and lectures  include:

  • “Nature and Types of Conflict” by Prof. Tom Woodhouse and Irene Santiago looking at John’s and Burton’s conflict Resolution approach;
  • Security Sector Reform experience by Ex-Force Commander United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Golan Heights Lt. Gen. (Retd. ) Balananda Sharma,providing historical reflection of UN mechanism and Nepal DDR and SSR procedure and strategy;
  • Inclusive and participatory Capacity Building in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution led by Miki Jacevic, Director of Initiative for Inclusive Security;
  • Learning about the peace process in Bogota and UN Security Reform in all parts of the space from colleagues that are working either at national or international level.

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand. Thai people are hospitable and full of smiles and you get to see lots of western tourists in places like MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World and at various temples almost everywhere.  Again understanding the important role culture and religion play in every given society, this for me is incomplete as a devoted christian without appreciating “ Jesus christ of Nazareth son of the living God” for this glorious opportunity and those of whom who make this dream a  reality. Sponsor District, D-7090, Mr. Richlieu M. Allison coach & Class 1 peace fellow, Mrs. Tereziana Foray Wright a mother who facilitated my trip from Dakar, Senegal to Monrovia upon receipt of my visa “ Cheers “ including the father of 22 professional peace fellows Ajarn Dr. Vitoon, the center’s Deputy Director who looks after all fellows and master planner “Cartoon” including the rest of Chula Rotary Peace Center. Thanks for the gesture.  The time spent was awesome and rewarding history making. I am remembering one word  “Peace”.

Samuel A. McCarthy – Liberia

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 26

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