Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Experiences, Traveling, and Interaction

Some years ago, when I was studying in my Master’s program, the professor of Applied Investigation explained to the class that one of the multiple changes for human beings is the modern world. Now, most of the people don’t need to buy a car because everyone has Uber; most of the people don’t want to buy a house because everyone has Airbnb, and most of the people can’t buy land because people already own most of the land. Instead of all the above, certainly the new generations need and love experiences, more than having property.

It is not important if the experiences are good or bad, because they are always and forever more.  The experiences will help human beings in their learning process. The experiences are like the salt in the food, perhaps sometimes, the salt in the wound. My brother is fortunate to be the owner of his own travel agency. I am used to seeing in his offers always with the same argument: “If you are bored, you should travel; if you are happy, you should travel; if you need to celebrate something, you should travel; if you need a change, you should travel.”  Perhaps traveling is the most significant experience for human beings.

Today, I have to recognize that my participation in this Rotary Fellowship is the most important experience in my life. It is learning combined with traveling, but also, with one additional component: interaction.

What would be your decision if someone proposed you the opportunity to know twenty of the most beautiful people from around the world? I can say that I have this privilege. Twenty people with the most beautiful feelings, with the best purposes and thoughts. If someone proposed to me to choose twenty people to live with for one year on a deserted island, I already have the twenty candidates. Oh, I am sorry! Twenty one, I think, we would need to include Dr. Vitoon.

Actually, I only want to say with this short blog, that if you have the option to share this experience with some of the best people of the world, with the support of Rotary Foundation, where you are going to learn, every day, everywhere, please, do not lose the opportunity. Your life will never be the same!

Wilson Herney Chavarro Jemenez – Colombia

Rotary Peace Fellow – Class 27


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