Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Future of Peace: Youth Involvement as a Sustainable Solution

I want to share with everyone the conflict situation in DR Congo particularly the eastern region which has served for several years as stronghold of many armed groups in local, … Continue reading

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No amount of reading and learning about the torture, cruelty, mass murders, extermination camps and mass graves of the 1970’s Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia could have ever prepared me … Continue reading

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Putting the ME in M&E

Monitoring and Evaluation, or M&E as it is commonly known, may sound boring for some. By moving beyond this perception, we can discover that it is very valuable and critical … Continue reading

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Human Needs and Armed Violence

I have worked in the field of peace building since 2009, delivering training about non-violent communication, conflict mediation and coordinating projects at a national level to develop the potential of … Continue reading

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The Cost of Peace and War through the lens of UN Peace Missions

Wars generate numerous violent crimes, such as mass rapes, mass killings, ethnic cleansing, and, the gravest crime under international law “genocide”. And the 2017 Global Peace Index highlights that the … Continue reading

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The ‘journey’ from an armed conflict to sustainable peace

This blog will take you on a journey. Its path starts from understanding the theoretical values and concepts of a conflict, and ends with exploring some potential solutions on how … Continue reading

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Rethinking Security Institutions in a Post-Conflict Phase

Security Sector Reform has been one of the most critical elements included in post-conflict reconstruction. The main goal of SSR is to make people feel safer, and this is essentially … Continue reading

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