Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai People: From the land of smiles with love

When I started to write this blog post my first idea was reflecting on Class 27 field trip to Songkhla, southern Thailand but my spirit would not let me, my … Continue reading

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A Journey of Rediscovery

Being selected as the class 27th Rotary Peace Fellow is among the best experiences in my life. This program has enabled me to rediscover my passion and appreciation for the field … Continue reading

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Building Peace Inside-Out

Being a Rotary Peace Fellow studying at Rotary Peace Center, Chulalongkorn University, I got an opportunity to learn many different subjects on how to analyze the conflicts, and the possible … Continue reading

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Back to School

Being a fellow of the 27th Rotary Peace Fellow Class, I have appreciated the opportunity for self-reflection and to learn new things from both the speakers and fellows from 17 … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership and Peace

So we are in the third month of our 3 month Peace and Conflict studies at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.   When I first heard that I was chosen and … Continue reading

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Brigade for Global Peace

It is indeed a great honor and privilege for me to be part of this global family of peace seekers, and it is an experience that will be with me … Continue reading

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Experiences, Traveling, and Interaction

Some years ago, when I was studying in my Master’s program, the professor of Applied Investigation explained to the class that one of the multiple changes for human beings is … Continue reading

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Living in Thailand for 6 weeks made me feel at home. First of all, the country has my name: Thaisland. I realized this at the day I arrived at the … Continue reading

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Finding a higher purpose in life within the Rotary Peace Fellowship

It is my first time in Thailand and after a month and a half of my Rotary Peace Fellowship not only this country keeps surprising me in many ways, but … Continue reading

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A village with the potential of becoming Thailand’s newest tourist attraction

Not aware that their area offers an exciting and unique learning experience for tourists interested in nature, the dwellers of a small village in Ban Maung District believe it doesn’t … Continue reading

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