Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Experiences, Traveling, and Interaction

Some years ago, when I was studying in my Master’s program, the professor of Applied Investigation explained to the class that one of the multiple changes for human beings is … Continue reading

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The unbeatable trip of my life

Thinking about life and the road it leads us on. There is always one battle to fight, one goal to achieve and at least one more moment to adore or … Continue reading

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Migration, Healthcare, Communication and Peace.

Actually I wanted to study arts or foreign languages, but it just happened that I went for medicine to help people and to “save the world”. Never losing sight of … Continue reading

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Opening Eyes and Minds in Thailand

I have the honor of writing the first blog entry for our Class 23 cohort – but as I write that I realize we will want to come up with … Continue reading

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Peace & Justice: The Two Faces of One Coin

“Why did God allow this?” I heard someone whisper. I stood rooted to the spot unable to take my eyes off the tree; this same tree which granted me shade … Continue reading

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Rainbow Hope

Like a river merges into the sea and sea into the ocean, knowledge flows infinity.  Learning is a never ending process, the only instrument of progress, and overall development of … Continue reading

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A Fraternity of Metaphors and the Owl that Became a Cat.

Since the 60’s, artists have been developing methods on how to work, engage or collaborate with people, companies or institutions. Art groups such as ‘Artist’s Placement Group’ (APG) and ‘Group … Continue reading

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